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              Contact Us
              Construction Projects
              Projects Executed
              Hemodialysis Unit
              Central Prisons
              Ay. Thekla Sewerage System
              Four Seasons Hotel
              Superhome Center (DIY) Ltd
              Sotera Sewerage System
              IKEA Restaurant Extension
              T.S.Y.S. New Offices
              A.G. Leventis Art Gallery, Nicosia
              Pavilion Tower, Limassol
              Chrysanthou Maritime Business Centre, Limassol
              Service Families Accommodation
              Temporary Refugee Accommodation - Pournara
              Noble Energy Warehouse
              Luxury Private Residence in Larnaca suburbs
              Roads in Nicosia 11/2014
              Sunrise Hotel Additions Protaras
              Office Building for Fameline Properties Ltd
              G. Papamichael Building, Nicosia
              Sewerage System for the Kakopetria - Galata Communities
              I + A Philippou Aparment Buildings
              Palaiometocho Sewerage System
              Vasilikos Desalination Plant
              UCLAN Phase 2, Cyprus
              Surnise Pearl Resort & Spa
              UCLAN UNIVERSITY, Pyla
              Residence 51
              KPMG Offices, Limassol
              The Grove Spa Resort,Mazotos
              American Heart Institute, Nicosia
              Pelendri Road
              A.Th. Loizou & Son Ltd
              J.C. Christophides
              Russian Commercial Bank,Nicosia
              Russian Commercial Bank, Limassol
              Paphos Sewerage and Drainage Project - Contract E
              Pafos Sewerage and Drainage Project
              Elea Golf Infrastructure Project
              Elea Golf Club House
              Ch. Papaellinas Distribution Centre
              Amphithea Voroklini
              ISIS Clinic
              Orphanides Food Stores
              Regal Gardens, Tersephanou
              IKEA Furniture and Home Furnishings Department Store
              Alfa Mega Hypermarket, Limassol
              Pyla Gardens
              Frou Frou Factory
              Pyla Village II
              ACM Christophides
              Anthoupolis Sewerage Treatment Plant
              Cassoulides Printing Offices
              Columbia Annex
              Platres - Propdromos Road
              Upgrading of Macedonia Avenue, Phase III
              Electricity Authority of Cyprus
              Dome Hotel, Ayia Napa
              Alfa Mega Hypermarket, Nicosia
              Maximos Plaza, Limassol
              Peyia Road
              Larnaca Desalination Plant
              National Bank of Greece (Cyprus) Ltd.
              Elvana Trading Headquarters
              Limassol Coastal Road
              Limassol Silo
              Hilton Hotel, Nicosia
              Water World Water Park, Ayia Napa
              Amathusia Complex
              St. Raphael Hotel, Limassol
              Le Meridien Hotel
              Malama Holiday Village
              Phaethon Hotel
              Limnaria Village
              Ayia Marina, Xyliatos
              MEPA Tower
              Cyprus Chamber of Commerce
              Annabelle Hotel
              Water Development Department
              Xyliatos Dam
              Limassol Port Grain Silos
              Poseidonia Beach Hotel
              Paphos Main Canal
              Makarios Athletic Stadium, Nicosia
              Old Projects
              Under Construction
              Improvement of Pernera Avenue
              Sewerage System of Temvria-Korakou communities
              Paphos Archaelogical Sites
              BEDIZIA TOWER
              St. Raphael Hotel - Condo 12
              Our Company
              Company Profile
              Why GCC?
              Organization Chart
              GCC Cares
              Thank You
              60 Years of Leadership
              Pioneers in Civil Engineering
              SUSCON Awards
              Frou Frou
              Pyla II
              Quality, Health and Safety
              CYS Certificate of Conformity
              IQNET Certificate
              Health & Safety
              Safety Shields Confirmation
              Environmental Policy
              Quality Policy
              Health & Safety Policy
              Gender Equality Policy
              Contact Us
              Contact Form
              Company Addresses and E-mails
              How to Reach Us
              SCC Brief History
              SCC Organisation Chart
              SCC Contact details
              SCC Construction Projects
              SCC Projects Executed
              SCC Projects Under Construction
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